Our prices are likely to come as a pleasant surprise! We’re a small company with lower overheads, and our in-depth knowledge of NHS computer systems means we can provide realistic quotes based on how long a job will actually take. We’re known for our clear quotations and service level agreements, written in plain English. Our fixed-price quotes really are fixed, with no hidden costs, allowing you to budget easily without any nasty surprises. In fact, we’re so proud of our pricing model, we’re not afraid to put our price list on our website!


Fixed Price

With such an extensive understanding of NHS IT requirements, we are frequently in a position where we can give a fixed-price quote, which we believe offers a distinct advantage over employing contractors or other suppliers who only offer a daily rate option. In fact, we get very positive feedback about our Service Level Agreements and Support Contracts, written in plain English, and where you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money. Part of our philosophy is to make sure we don’t give our customers unpleasant surprises with hidden costs. For fixed price work, we estimate the number of days needed to complete the work, and provide a quote based on £600 per day. If we underestimated, that’s our problem not yours - you will always pay only the amount stated in the written Quotation(s) issued before work commences.


Consultancy Services

We have three daily rates, depending on whether the contract is short-term, medium-term or long-term, as follows:

Short-term (1 to 10 days): £580 per day

Medium-term (11 to 59 days): £550 per day

Long-term (60+ days): £520 per day